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This decade has seen gardening reach the skies of global trends, as community members, we have turned to each other to survive. Amongst us, we have all we need to thrive! This South African orientated Planting Calendar guides your path, at your own pace, as together we pave our way to self reliance and flourishing gardens.
– Colour coded daily garden activities in tune with the moon-phases
– Aligned with South African time (GMT +2hrs)
– Monthly recommended seeds to plant aligned with Southern Hemisphere seasons

Being a ‘Jill of many trades, master of some’, here are some of my creative skills at your service Click on the title to see examples:

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You can make that special diary just the way you want it, for your company, friends or family. With a once off charge for the diary content template of your choice, edited to your custom requirements at an hourly design rate thereafter, for your print ready file.

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Sustainable Living Diary and FREE Directory listing Greetings fellow South Africans I’m honoured to be alive and here with you, in these interesting times. Since 2001, I have followed my hearts calling to create annual publications, sharing valuable information, adapting to what’s relevant as the years go on. The Planting Calendar began it’s journey in 2009, now matured to a useful tool […]
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  1. Patti Avatar

    Congratulations! It looks wonderful! I still am hanging onto two of your previous diaries, as much interesting information is there. Looking forward to a new one,

  2. Pamela Avatar

    Thank you for a fantastic life tool. I’m learning to garden (at the ripe old age of 45 !!) but having a great time learning something that has stirred up such a passion in my life.

    Looking forward to my next issue.

    Pam McGurk

  3. Crazy Suburban Mom (@TheSuburbanMom) Avatar

    I found you through http://www.marigoldsloft.blogspot.com and her video. That is a fascinating and different type of diary! So appealing…